Message from Management

Representative Director & Group CEO

Effective April 2024, AOI TYO Holdings Inc. has changed its name to KANAMEL Inc.

Established in 2017 through the integration of AOI Pro. and TYO, we have continued to expand the scope of our business through creative planning and advertising production services that range beyond video production.

The new company name, "KANAMEL" comes from the word "KANAME ," meaning the key, linchpin, or cornerstone or the main point of something. As a group of "people" who are creating the future for companies and society, we will continue to take on the challenge of devising "key points," in other words, new ideas and concepts, through the power of creativity and of providing a "cornerstone" to make those ideas and concepts feasible.

We would like to fulfil our social responsibility by providing various "cornerstones" to achieve our purpose of "making the world into a brighter place through the power of creation."

Yasuhito Nakae

Representative Director & Group CEO