About KANAMEL Inc.

Please give an overview of KANAMEL.

KANAMEL (former AOI TYO Holdings Inc.) is a holding company established in January 4, 2017 through a joint stock transfer of AOI Pro. and TYO. Please refer to the page titled "Profile" for details.

What does "Holdings" mean?

"Holdings" means a holding company. KANAMEL was established as a "pure holding company"
A pure holding company is positioned as the core company of a corporate group; it holds stocks issued by other companies in the same group and in turn receives dividends, among others.
Dividend income is its main source of revenue.
The pure holding company itself does not conduct businesses such as commercial filmproduction.

What is the role of KANAMEL within the corporate group?

The holding company supervises the group companies, proposes mid- to long-term strategies and allocates operational resources; this is performed in a streamlined manner and for the purpose of maximizing the value of group companies.