Human Resource

The KANAMEL Group's greatest asset is our people. We will commit to establish an organization and environment which accepts all forms of diversity and provides all members with equal opportunity, so that each employee is able to create moving and inspiring ideas that evoke emotions.

Basic Policy

"To produce talent who create emotions that will be remembered and passed down for generations"

Key Words







Desired Qualities
  • A person who is able to make fair judgments and treat others with sincerity.
  • A person who is able to respect the individuality and values of others, and consistently face situations with a positive mindset of personal growth.
  • A person who is able to proactively express their thoughts, and act on one's own initiative.
  • A person who is able to recognize their own strengths, and build a complementary relationship with colleagues.
  • A person who is able to empathize with various transformations and creation of new values.