KANAMEL Has Devised a New Tagline, “Creating, Crafting. Futures,” and Revamped Its Corporate Website

AOI TYO Holdings Inc. changed its name to KANAMEL Inc. effective April 1, 2024. KANAMEL also devised a new tagline, “Creating, Crafting. Futures,” and corporate statement, and it revamped its corporate website.

■ The idea behind our new company name and tagline

AOI TYO Holdings was established in 2017 through the integration of AOI Pro. and TYO. The KANAMEL Group is continuing to expand the scope of its business, including the largest scale production of TV commercials in Japan, planning and production of CG and xR content, devising marketing strategies, and strategic consulting.

Our new company name “KANAMEL” comes from the word “KANAME,” meaning the key, linchpin, or cornerstone or the main point of something. The logo combines the letter “K” with an image of a key point where things and people intersect to express our desire to connect society and people and to create great things.

Our new tagline, “Creating, Crafting. Futures,” is intended to signify our commitment to using the power of creativity to devise new ideas and concepts in order to create a variety of futures and to making those ideas and concepts feasible. The tagline expresses our desire, as a group of “people” who are creating the future for companies and society, to take on the challenge of providing important and essential “cornerstones” and doing so with craftsmanship.

We will continue to grow as a company that provides various “cornerstones” ranging beyond video production in order to achieve our purpose of “Making the world into a brighter place through the power of creation.”

■ Corporate statement

We tell stories.
We give shape to the future.
We refine those stories.
We finish them.
Creation that makes beginnings.
Craftsmanship that takes responsibility, down to the last detail.
We are the key people who make it happen.

■ About KANAMEL Inc.

AOI TYO Holdings was established in 2017 as a joint holding company to integrate AOI Pro. and TYO and to engage in strategic planning, planning, and production of advertising content. The KANAMEL Group draws on over 60 years of knowledge and experience and it boasts the largest scale production of TV commercials in Japan. The Group includes TREE Digital Studio, a firm that plans, produces, shoots, and edits a wide range of content, including video, CG, and xR, and that operates studios and rents equipment; FIELD MANAGEMENT EXPAND, a communication design company that handles a wide range of tasks from devising to implementing marketing strategies; and FIELD MANAGEMENT STRATEGY, a strategic consulting firm. Overseas, we have marketing and communications companies and production companies in seven countries in Asia and North America.

Company Name KANAMEL Inc.
 Management Representative Director & Group CEO Yasuhito Nakae 
Representative Director & Group COO Hiroaki Uekubo
 Office Tennoz Central Tower 13F, 2-2-24, Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8663, Japan
 Established January 4, 2017
 Capital 5,000,000,000 yen
 Scope of Business Management of subsidiaries that provide communication plannings, consulting, and other services with a focus on creativity
 Employees 155 (Non-consolidated) 
1,678 (Consolidated)
 *As of Dec. 31, 2023 
URL https://kanamel-inc.com/en/

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